Friday, September 15, 2006

Boys Just Wanna Have MUD

I LOVE raising a boy. He is SUCH a boy!

It rained this morning, but this afternoon was cool and clear so the kiddos and I took a walk around our duck pond. Master J was a hoot and a half! He went out of his way to stomp in every single puddle in (and around) our path.

*note to rainboots for the boy!*

It wasn't long before he hit the payload...a huge Huge HUGE puddle (lake?). By the time he was finished playing there he was absolute soaking wet from the waist down. It was awesome. (yeah, okay, I admit to thoughts like: gross! he's so wet!! can rainwater kill him?? and He's going to get pneumonia! But I don't want to be that mama, so I squashed those thoughts and said instead things like: cool! wow, you're wet!! and okay yes, Please don't splash mama!)

Then he found the MUD! Oh he just LOVED the mud. It went squish in his hands and made his pants black...what could be better for a little boy? He was delighted.

And honestly? I was delighted watching him.

I lost my wallet! :-(

and then I found it...


I think I am losing my mind. *sigh* What is motherhood DOING to me???

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The Husband brought home a cantaloupe last week. Master J saw it and immediately said, "Ball."

I said smiling, "That's right, it looks like a ball, but really it's a cantaloupe and we will eat it."

Master J: BALL.

Me: um, sort of but no no you can't play with it because we are going to eat it.


Me: Right. Why don't we put it away for now.
*placed cantaloupe in refrigerator*

Master J (runs to refrigerator, crying now): BALL BALL BALL BALL BALL BALL BALL

Flash forward to the next day. Master J wakes up and nurses. Gets out of bed and runs upstairs to the kitchen and over to the refrigerator.


That night we cut the cantaloupe (to a rousing chorus of "ball"). The Husband shows Master J one half of the cantaloupe and says, "See, it's a cantaloupe for eating and not a ball for playing." Master J looks and looks and starts to laugh and laugh. He takes a breath, smiles and says, "Ball."

See Why I Give Up?

Ugh. I hate having a blog. I never have time to post. How can I post when I have a little (adorable) baby who doesn't want to sleep by herself and give her mama some quality alone/computer time in the evening??

I need a laptop. Having to sit at our stupid computer desk to type is bringing me down. I want to recline in the bed and hold my baby and still be able to read email and type!
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