Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Books, HOORAY!

Why do I love old books? They just appeal to my senses. The smell, the look, the feel (okay, I've never tasted one!) and the words all come together and create a positive experience for me. They reflect a simpler time where "teen romance" didn't mean graphic sexual situations and children's stories were not politically correct (this is not to say I do not strongly object to negative stereotypes and borderline racist material, but there is no false pandering to special interest groups).

Today I went scouring the area for some new "old" books and here's what I found:

The Silent Readers, Fourth Reader by Lewis and Rowland Copyright 1927
Voyages in English, 4th Year by Campbell and MacNickle Copyright 1951
Science For Modern Living Volume 1: Along the Way by Smith and Clarke Copyright 1951
Three Friends, Health and Personal Development Program by Montgomery and Baruch Copyright 1954
Enchanted Isles, Treasury of Liturature - Readtext Series By Johnson and Jacobs Copyright 1954
Workaday Lady by Maysie Greig Copyright 1934
Doctor's Wife by Maysie Greig Copyright 1937 (I think these are romance novels, hee hee)
We Sing of Our Land (Part of a Music Series for Catholic Schools) Copyright 1960

And the total came to under ten dollars! Woo-Hoo! Now if I could only find a place to put them. *sigh*


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