Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stupid Stairs!

Yup. I fell down the stairs last night. :-(
I'm mostly okay. I have a bad sprain and can't walk or carry my kiddos, but THANK GOD it wasn't worse (I was carrying Miss R at the time). No idea what happened...I was on the stairs and then I was on the floor with my leg pinned beneath me.

We're handling it for now, but the Husband has a small Church commitment tomorrow and a big commitment on Tuesday (plus he starts his new job on Wednesday) so we're not exactly sure how we're going to manage. Hopefully my foot will just spontaneously heal. Nothing seems to be broken except possibly a toe so that's good. Crutches are fun...for Master J at least...he's having a great time trying to grab them out from under me *sigh*

So that's our update for today. Never a dull moment at our house, right??


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