Thursday, August 03, 2006

Here we go!

So, I'm taking another shot at blogging. The old blog was actually pretty not bad, but I got bored with it and too busy and didn't keep it up. I'd like to have a place to sound off and if it doesn't look like it's getting too personal (at least in a negative way, lol), then I'll even forward the link to family and friends and use it to keep them updated about our (not so) fascinating lives.

An Introduction? Well, I'm mother to two (Master J and Miss R: eighteen months and six weeks respectively) and wife to one (the Husband) and at the moment a bit unsure if I'm still a person in my own right. I stay at home and care for my family. The Husband works very hard both at his job and with our finances to make this possible because it is of supreme importance to us.

Outside interests? At the moment, not many. I love to cook. I wish I had more time and money to develop my skills. Culinary School is beyond even a dream, but I'd love to do one of those short seminars where you learn knife skills and other good things. Right now I'd settle for a swath of new cookbooks with new ideas and techniques and maybe even the time to try them out!
Knitting. Another thing that requires time and money. When I have money, I have no time and when I have time? No money.
I'd like to learn how to sew. I have a sewing machine, but I think I broke it and
I'd like to have more adult friends irl. I have a few, but some live far away and some live very far away and some live even further away than that. :-( I'm shy. I don't make friend easily. I don't believe that people like me.

Parenting Philosophy? Well, the fact that I even have a philosophy should tip you off :-) We are strictly Attachment Parents. We practice extended breastfeeding, the family bed and baby wearing. We do not let our babies cry alone. We do not believe that crying is normal and is just our little ones "exercising their lungs." We believe in Gentle/Positive Discipline. We do not use punishment to teach. No one gets their hand smacked for touching a drawer. We do not blanket train or use any punitive measures with our babies. (and, okay, yeah, Miss R is swaddled in a baby swing right now but she likes it, I swear!!!!)

Religion? We are practicing Roman Catholics who prefer to worship at the Traditional Mass aka the Tridentine Mass or the Old Latin Mass. We are in full communion with Rome and are not associated with any separatist groups such as the SSPV or CMRI. We avoid even the SSPX so as not to give scandal. I'm not terribly interested in debating this with anyone (liberal Catholic/neo-con Catholic/Sedevac/Protestant/Athiest etc.). We are who we are, we think we're right. Just assume we think you're wrong and that we have good reason for doing so. :-) just kidding...sort of...mostly. I'm not trying to be obnoxious or adversarial, just don't want to turn this blog into a debate.


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