Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Synchronization Day!

Tomorrow marks the end of Daylight Savings time and all over the country people will be getting up at the wrong time, missing Mass and spending days trying to normalize their children to a new bedtime schedule. This will not be happening in our household. You see, we never switched to Daylight Savings time. We have been living on Standard time for a full year now.

If you read the Husband's Blog you will know all about our venture into a life of Standard time. Because he is a man who makes a decision and sticks with it, as far as he was concerned, there was never even a possibility of going back to following Government appointed time. I, on the other hand, viewed this as an experiment. I would willingly give one year of my life and the lives of our children to this...shall I say it?...absurd yet attractive idea, but if it didn't work out I was determined to fight my way back to a life of Government determined time.

The verdict? I actually love my life on Standard time. It's honestly hard to define why except to say that it just feels right. And now there is a huge benefit: our family has zero adjustment time needed to move from today to tomorrow. Our kids are going to bed tonight at 7pm and when 7pm rolls around tomorrow it will be the same 7pm as the day before. (got that??) When we get up in the morning at 6am there will be no disorientation. We got up at that same 6am yesterday and the day before that.

Now my Husband will tell you that although that certainly is a benefit to living on Standard time year round it is not the reason we do it. Okay. I just know that I feel a certain freedom having sidestepped the Government's plan to change the clock simply so we can spend more time (and money!) on commerce.

A side note that while I am not afraid of being late to any appointments coming up, I am a little concerned about being early. I have gotten very used to taking the time people tell me and shifting it back an hour. Oh well!

Happy Synchronization Day!


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